Who is Better Education Group?

Better Education Group is the umbrella company of 5 companies:

•  Educational Services Company: established in 2002 as a trade company for import/export of educational books It is the sole agent of London Publishing and Deirdre Whelan Publishing and the exclusive distributor for Brilliant Publications, Ransom Publishing and other publishers. For the full list, click here. Educational Services Company started publishing educational books in 2009. Its rich array of publications includes French, German, English, Arabic, Math, Science, Computer Studies, Character Building & Manners and Islamic Religion titles.

  Bloom Press: established in 2006 as a publisher At its height, it was the leader in the Egypt market in Computer Studies and Science titles. It has also published handwriting, Math and Arabic titles.

•  Pharos Press, Cairo main office: established in 2015 as a book distributor, covering Cairo and other governates

  Eagles Press, Cairo main office: established in 2018 as a book distributor, covering Giza and other governates

 Lighthouse Press, Alexandria branch: established in 2020 as a book distributor, covering Alexandria and the North Coast governates; Marsa Matrouh and Beheyra The three distribution companies cover various school types; Language, National and International schools in Egypt and North Africa. 

Our Publishing Goals

 •  To maintain our excellence as a publisher of high-quality books for students and teachers

 •   To provide young learners and students of all age groups with literary works that explore the significant social issues of our time with intelligence and ingenuity

 •   To continue to build our profile and reputation as a high-quality publisher

 •   To nurture and support highly professional authors and illustrators, both new and well-established

 •  To appeal to a broad audience

Code of Ethics

A commitment to professionalism, confirming Better Education Group's collective belief that the production of content of lasting value and/or cultural value is just as important as securing open markets for this content. As part of the independent publishing community, Better Education Group's members pledge to the following CODE OF ETHICS:

 •  To uphold the best standards of our industry, to create works of lasting value and/or cultural value and to pursue editorial, design and production excellence

 •  To respect the rights of authors and other creators and stakeholders, to observe all copyright laws and conventions and to never knowingly publish plagiarized work

 •  To reward authors and contributors for their work, to be honest in our school dealings, to write fair contracts, to resolve all disputes promptly and fairly and to foster equal opportunity in our workplaces

 •  To not mislead teachers or parents with false promises, inflated content data or manipulated reviews

 •  To not publish works that encourage violence or hate speech

 •  To recycle and reuse and to follow green practices whenever possible 

Author Identification, Selection and Development

Our first task is to find authors who can create content that match our students' and teachers' needs. Our client schools assign one or more teachers to use our curricula. Their feedback helps us better understand their needs and how to make our content better suit the education process. We shape our curricula for optimum results.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Commitment

To realize its vision of a world where every independent teacher has the access, knowledge and tools needed to professionally engage in all aspects of inclusive learning in the education field. Better Education Group commits to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion within its leadership, policies, practices, publications and website services.

What We Do :

At Better Education Group, we improve our resources and services based on the standards of our slogan “Best Books for Better Education“. Our extensive experience in the Egyptian market and dealing with an array of school types have allowed us to have a comprehensive understanding of market requirements. As a publisher and exclusive distributor/agent, we choose books according to their objectives. We review book contents to ensure their cultural suitability as well as their correctness. As publishers, we abide by international standards to guarantee our books’ suitability for children at different age groups. As an exclusive distributor/agent, we select publishers whose books are needed in the markets we cover; Middle East and North Africa. Our books of choice are those that cover essential subject areas as well as those that fill educational gaps. We do much more than just print and sell books. We oversee the entire process of bringing books to educational needs: author selection and development, manuscript editing, promotion and distribution. , Understanding how teachers practise their profession helps us decide which content might interest them and determine how to help them prepare for their lessons.

Best Books for Better Education that fulfill each of our customers’ bookeducational goals and needs. We care about the success of your learning process, so we are determined to get our books into the hands of students everywhere.

Achieving a competitive advantage in education takes one part student and two parts parents' and teachers' needs. It is truly about defining your needs to deliver, clarifying how your knowledge and experience have transmitted and your requirements for success.  

(Since establishing our companies, we have improve our resources and services, based on the standards of our slogan “Best Books for Better Education“. )

Better Education has always been about exceeding teachers' expectations and establishing long-lasting relationships. Our company mission statement is simple:  

• Service, which expresses Better Education Group's commitment to openness and accessibility. Better Education Group's desire to be authentically helpful without further agenda reflects an understanding that the essence of leadership is service.

• Leadership, which is expressed through Better Education Group's position as a professional publishing association in the Middle East and North Africa regions, as well as in its commitment to providing exceptional curricula and perspectives via educational books and services.

• Independence, which reflects a deep commitment to independent points of view and the belief that enabling access to these ideas is essential to creativity and innovation.

•  Inclusivity, which reflects allegiance to a publishing industry where educators can be eclectic and are able to find themselves in the various educational content.