Shakespear's Most Famous Plays(A) B1&B1+

  • Publisher: Educational Services Company
  • Catalog: English
  • SubCatalog: Epic Tales
  • Book Series: Epic tales
  • School Level: Preparatory

Shakespeare’S Most Famous Plays A
While the language of William Shakespeare’s plays can make them challenging for some readers, their plots are filled with fantastical misunderstandings involving identical twins, magical forests, ghosts and witches, and foolish kings that make them irresistible to
almost any reader. This gorgeous new edition, Shakespeare’s Most Famous Plays, tackles some of the best comedies and tragedies by William Shakespeare. The text closely follows Shakespeare’s exact language –whenever possible- to take the reader on a magical journey
through the tragedy of Macbeth, the ordeal Antonio puts himself into with Shylock in The Merchant of Venice and how Prospero seeks his revenge in The Tempest.

- Review questions are included within the novel.

- A booklet with additional questions is provided in PDF format