Great Expectations B2

  • Publisher: Educational Services Company
  • Catalog: English
  • SubCatalog: Epic Tales
  • Book Series: Epic tales
  • School Level: Preparatory

Great Expectations

“There was a long hard time when I kept far from me the remembrance of what I had thrown away when I was quite ignorant of its worth.” Great Expectations follows the childhood and young adult years of Pip, a blacksmith's

apprentice in a country village. He suddenly comes into a large fortune, his great expectations, from a mysterious benefactor and moves to London where he enters high society. He thinks he knows where the money has come

from but he is sadly mistaken. The story also follows Pip's dealings with Estella, a young woman he adores but who cannot return his love.

- Review questions are included within the novel.

- A booklet with additional questions is provided in PDF format