• Publisher: London Publishing
  • Catalog: English
  • SubCatalog: English Readers
  • Book Series: The Readers
  • School Level: Level 4


Aladdin is lucky. He has money and a new job. He is excited as he starts out on a journey into the desert. The Cave of Wonders is amazing! There is treasure everywhere. Why does Jafaar want this old lamp? Surely, nothing will happen if he takes just a few of these sparkling jewels!

‘Academics’ is a series of graded readers that allows pupils to develop key language skills through activity-based learning. The series encourages reading accuracy and understanding via skimming and scanning tasks. Reading, writing, listening, thinking and understanding are developed in a series of teacher-guided activities.

About the Series

• 9 levels for the Primary stage

• 4 readers per level (even within each level, they are linguistically graded)

• Classic tales emphasizing morals

• Total immersion; natural, native speaker language

Supplementary Materials

• Interactive CD

• My Own Story

• Hand Puppets (Level X - 3) • Masks (Levels 4+)

• Classroom Theatre

• Flash Cards

• Teacher Guide

• Graphic Organiser Poster (helps students analyse and understand storylines)