The Little Red Hen

  • Publisher: London Publishing
  • Catalog: English
  • SubCatalog: English Readers
  • Book Series: The Readers
  • School Level: Level 1

When the Little Red Hen finds some wheat seeds, she dreams of making bread. She decides to plant the seeds. She must work hard to make them grow so she asks her friends to help. Will she be successful? Find out when you read this traditional tale about perseverance, teamwork and the importance of helping others.


‘Academics’ is a series of graded readers that allows pupils to develop key language skills through activity-based learning. Reading, writing, listening, thinking and understanding are developed in a series of teacher-guided activities.

Supplementary Materials

• Interactive CD

• My Own Story

• Hand Puppets

• Classroom Theatre

• Flash Cards

• Teacher Guide

• Graphic Organiser Poster

This graded reading scale allows students to build a vocabulary that is relevant to their understanding and enjoyment of the stories. In so doing, children are encouraged to increase their reading time and develop a love of books.