David Copperfield B1 & B1+

  • Publisher: Educational Services Company
  • Catalog: English
  • SubCatalog: Epic Tales
  • Book Series: Epic tales
  • School Level: Preparatory


Sent to work in a dismal factory, David Copperfield's only hope is to run away -- to a crotchety old aunt he has never met. On his journey from childhood to manhood, he meets some of the most memorable fictional characters ever created;

the penniless Micawbers, the trusty Peggotty, the shifty Uriah Heep and others. Will David finally succeed in life and find his true love as well? Charles Dickens' favourite novel about which Dickens once wrote, "Like many fond parents, I

have in my heart of hearts a favourite child. And his name is David Copperfield."

- Review questions are included within the novel.

- A booklet with additional questions is provided in PDF format